Hungry for Science or Hungry for Approval?

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Are you searching for real science or are you looking to find out you were already right? Unfortunately that is a very real question to ask in the scientific community. With a solid group of “acclaimed” scientists deciding what is real and what is not, we are seriously cut off from real innovation.

It’s a funny thing really. To make a career in science requires approval from the ones already in power. And the people who are able to do that, are just as likely to defend the ideas and beliefs that got them to where they are. And so the circle continues. We go round and round, yet always end up at the same place.

Sure, there have been innovations and progress. But, almost all of that was not due to but in spite of the “scientific” community of that moment. All great breakthroughs had to get through fierce opposition from the status quo.

Now you could argue that this is just the way it is but I beg to differ. Because what’s the point of having a scientific body/community if it’s not to do science. If they are going to be doing the same thing that everyone else is already doing, then there seems to be zero benefit.

Or if we do want to actively and purposefully go after innovation, we should at least be looking for a system where:

  • Questions are more important than answers.
  • How to know what is true is the first question to ask .
  • We are looking to break our existing ideas instead of trying to proof them.
  • We’d finally realize that how things seem is not necessarily how they are.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. If you have any ideas on this, let me know in the comments below.

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